Pure enjoyment on the Planai



Clear soup with fried batter drops or with noodles or sliced pan cakes
Clear soup with liver dumpling
Clear soup with cheese dumpling
Gulasch soup with bread
Creamy Tomato soup
Styrian Soup with beef, noodles and vegetables
Cold dishes
Minced Bacon with onion and bread
Cheese bread
Hard sausage snack with bread
Mixed salad platter big
Mixed salad
Warm dishes
Grilled sausages with chips
Fried pork sausages or currysausages with chips
Grilled sausages with cheese inside and bacon outside with chips and salad
Fried pork cutlet with chips
Grilled pork chop with chips
„Genuss-Spechtteller“ - small dumplings with vegetables, ham, onion and cheese with salad
Noodles with meat-sauce
Noodles with tomato-sauce
Noodles, potatoes, sausage and onion roastet with salad
Small dumplings with styria or normal cheese and cabbagesalad
Always liked to eat
Sausages with bread
Farmerpotatoes with sourcreamsauce and bacon
Cheese dumpling on green salad
Ham and cheese toast with salad
Ham and cheese toast without salad
“Toast “Hawaii” with salad
“Toast “Hawaii” without salad
Salami Pizzacorner with chips
Grilled pork chop on toast with onion, cocktailsauce, chips and salad
Pressed potato-vegetable dumplings on salad
Potion chips
Yeast dumpling with poppy seed and butter
Yeast dumpling with vanilla-sauce
Homemade strudel (see menu of the day)
Homemade strudel with whipped cream
Homemade strudel with vanilla-sauce
Chocolate cake mit icecream and whipped cream
Austrian doughnuts
Chocolate doughnuts
Kids menu
Small fried pork cutlet with chips
Nuggets with chips
Noodles with meat sauce
Grilled sausage with chips